Acreage Youth Football

Mission Statement

Develop and maintain a properly supervised football league that will benefit the children of our community emotionally, physically and developmentally. Improve community relations by demonstrating an interest in our youth while emphasizing good citizenship and scholastic achievement. Provide a true youth football feeder system for surrounding high schools to continually receive a wide base of fundamentally prepared athletes. Nurture good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play. Teach fundamental athletic skills of football through competent leadership. Promote and maintain physical fitness through exercise.

Athletics offer an educational process in life that when seized and utilized properly, can give children the skills necessary to become strong and productive leaders in our society.

2014 ATFL Board

Commissioner: David Rimes

Vice Commissioner: Richard Schneider

Secretary: Christina Schneider

Treasurer: Stacie Rimes

Field Manager: Ronald Flores

Team Mom Coodinator: Chrystal Carman

Co-Cheer Coordinator: Gloria Torres

Co-Cheer Coordinator: Alona Schneider